Two Rock Speaker Installation NYC

  • Conduct a pre-installation site survey upon arrival at you home
  • Includes standard speaker wire
  • Unpack your new outdoor rock speakers
  • Install / bury speakers in/on the ground
  • Install / bury speaker wire or conduit with speaker wire
  • Conceal speaker wire to the best practice in given environment
  • Connect speaker wire to speaker
  • All necessary excavating and landscaping work
  • Clean up work area and remove installation debris
Does not Include:
  • Hanging of LCD, LED or Plasma TV on the wall
  • Audio Video Receiver connection
  • Speakers or mounting brackets
  • Wire conduits
Approximate Time: 1-3 Hrs Sale Price: $249 and Up

Rock Speaker Installation from  AV-Setup Inc.

One of the requests which we accommodate here at AV-Setup home theater installation company, is too do a Rock Speaker installation, where a certain amount of expertise is necessary and AV-Setup most certainly has it.  It is a somewhat unusual kind of installation but we have done a few of them to be prepared for any kind of rock and setup.
When our expert technicians come for an installation appointment, they will first inspect your home to figure out where you have the best access for running wires.  These venues include through the wall to an adjacent room, through the basement, the attic or through the crawl space underneath your house.  The technicians will also ask you where you would like to set the rock speakers up.  Depending on whether you want them in the house or in your garden, disguised as a tree stump, a fountain or just a large rock, the positioning of the speakers will be addressed.
Rock speakers come in a variety of shapes, types, colors and sizes, not to mention prices, so you have a big range to select from.  You can even use this type of speaker for your home theater installation.  And if you choose another venue, installing the rock speakers outdoors will be very convenient because the speakers will be more protected and be less exposed to various weather elements like rain, wind, snow, etc.
A standard speaker wire is included in the service of a rock speakers installation.  Our technicians will take out your new rock speakers out of the packaging and install or bury the speakers into the ground if they should be situated outside, or set them on any surface of your choice in the house.  They will install or bury the speaker wire or conduit with speaker wire and conceal the speaker wire in the best of possible ways in which situation will allow.  The technicians will then connect the speaker wire to the rock speakers.  Of course, all the necessary excavation and landscaping work will be expertly and neatly done.  And afterword’s, the work area will be cleaned up and looking nice and organized.
What the rock speakers installation does not include is hanging your TV on the wall, connecting your Audio Video receiver, and wire conduits.  Also the Rock Speakers themselves and any mounting brackets are not included in the installation service price which ranges from $199 and up, depending on the nature of the installation.
Unlike the home theater installation, the approximate running time for this service is 1 to 3 hours, depending on all things considered.  Let AV-Setup install your Rock Speakers and beautify the decor of your home or a garden two-fold.