TV Wall Mounting NYC/NJ| Home Theater Installation

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TV Installation and Wall Mounting in NYC and NJ

is a starting point for any Home Theater experience. We can help you acquire the best TV brand/TV model to fit your budget and design. Our expert tech people will mount your TV on a wall mount or in any desired mounting on the wall, ceiling or plane table top. After mounting your TV, we do automation of your home theater set-up. Continuous support for NYC, NJ clients come as a 1-year warranty. Read More...

Home Theater Set up in NYC and NJ

 Involves the careful selection and assembly of video components like rear/front projectors, LCD, LED, and Plasma panels for our NYC, NJ clients. It requires the balancing of speaker systems and is a must for superior home theater entertainment and discerning boardroom environments. Read More...

Projector Installation / Mounting in NYC and NJ

Mounting projectors enable the option of having a screen as large as 120" for that ultimate cinematic experience. We offer wall mounting, In-Ceiling Motorized Projection Screen Installation, and automation of all other components in the set up. Read More...



Automation in NYC and NJ

Our automation systems combine motorized window treatments and technologically advanced lighting control systems to transform rooms for specific purposes. Automation of climate control systems make them energy efficient, and controls are custom – programmable and always upgradeable. AV Set Up inc. makes automating your facility simple and easy. Our designs adhere to the benchmarks for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). Read More...

Access Control and Mounting Surveillance Systems in NYC and NJ

ACCESS CONTROL AND MOUNTING SURVEILLANCE SYSTEMS IN NYC AND NJProvides peace of mind and security to residential or commercial spaces in NJ/NYC. Our wall mount designs are based around active and passive RFID technologies in conjunction with video surveillance. The wall-mounted system provides robust access solutions that track your personnel movements, prevent intrusions and facilitate inventory control.

Lighting and Automation services in NYC and NJ

This will certainly give countless benefits from comfort to efficiency and savings on electricity. Both in home and at the office, *automation through sensor networks and dimming switches are the way to go for convenience and a green environment. Automation of systems at home or business with the touch of a button. AV-SETUP employs the latest automation technologies/automation techniques that can be found on the market today*.

Video Distribution in NYC and NJ

High performance flat-panel TV installation and projection video systems for conferencing, advertising, entertainment, and more. Provide multi-channel access for guests and staff, easily controlled centrally or via remote.

Multi-Room and Distributed Audio in NYC and NJ

Theater wall-mounted sound systems that are easy to use, and add ambience to your office, restaurant, or retail location. In-wall and in-ceiling theater speaker installation provide reference-quality sound while remaining unobtrusive. Our public address systems provide for station-to-station, whole facility communication.

Mounting Security and Surveillance Systems in NYC and NJ

From reliable basic systems, to the most sophisticated protection available today, AV Set Up inc. provides access control, remote monitoring, motorized gates, and intercom. Ask about our Inventory Retention systems, where our low-profile cameras recorders can keep an eye on your business even when you can't.

Networking in NYC and NJ

Choose AV Set Up inc. for all computer system needs including, sales, service, networking, troubleshooting. Routing, secured networks, peer-to-peer and more.

System Integration in NYC and NJ

 Control your wall-mounted theater systems via iPad, iPod, iPhone, replete with command and monitoring functions all in the palm of your hand.For more information and pricing please click on the items of interest or simply call our office. We’re available 24 hours with same-day estimates & appointments.