In-Ceiling Motorized Projection Screen Installation

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  • Conduct a site survey, determine possible ways of installation and explain method to the client
  • Unpack and assemble your new motorized projection screen
  • Cut open ceiling, notch and reinforce beams if necessary, or build a box to conceal the screen
  • Install in-ceiling motorized projection screen
  • Connect RF, IR or 12v trigger remote control
  • Wall or ceiling spackling if necessary (sanding and painting are not provided)
  • Clean up work area and remove installation debris
  • Customer education
Does Not Include:
  • Projector Installation
  • Installation and concealment of any audio, video cables
  • Audio Video Receiver connection
  • Speaker installation
  • Electrical Outlet Installation
Approximate Time: 2-6 Hrs Sale Price: $349 and up

In-Ceiling Motorized Projection Screen Installation from  AV-Setup

Once you have chosen the right screen for your premises, let AV-Setup install it.  Call 646-736-0855 and request an installation service.  In-Ceiling Motorized Projection Screen installation will cost approximately $299 and up and will take about two to six hours to perform depending on various aspects of it. In order to start the process of this type of installation you have to call and explain to us where exactly you want your screen to be installed.  What type of ceiling you have and the size of the screen.  AV-Setup representative will then schedule you for an appointment and our technicians will arrive on time on the scheduled date for the in-ceiling motorized projection screen installation. They will first examine the space where the installation will be performed and see what is involved in the location-specific installation.  They will unpack and assemble your new motorized projection screen, handling it with utmost care.  Familiar with all types of construction, our professionals will cut open ceiling, notch and reinforce the beams if necessary, or build a box to conceal the screen.  They will then install the in-ceiling motorized projection screen.  What will follow is the connection of RF, IR or 12v trigger remote control.  Everything will be checked for proper functioning and made sure that the newly installed equipment is working. Next step is to right any wrongs, meaning our technicians will do any wall or ceiling spackling, which will patch up any holes or any scratches created during the installation.  Please note that sanding and painting are not provided.  Afterwards, they will clean up the work are and remove any installation debris – you don’t have to tidy up your place after us.  It is our job to do it – we produce the mess, and we clean it up. After the cleanup, our technicians will teach you how to use your new in-ceiling motorized projection screen with the remote control and answer any questions which you might have.  They will not leave your home until you fully understand how to control your motorized screen. It should be noted that projector installation is not included in this service.  Also, the installation and concealment of any audio or video cables.  Audio Video Receiver connection is not included as well.  Another separate service is a speaker installation and electrical outlet installation. The approximate running time of this service is from two to six hours.  The cost of in-ceiling motorized projection screen installation service starts at $299. We hope to hear from your soon, and we will be happy to accommodate any and all of your installation needs.