Commercial TV AV Installation

Commercial AV Installation:

The Audio and Video requirements of commercial applications are unique. In the visual and musical realm, they need to be attention-grabbing, vivid, and crystal clear. TV and Projector installations need to be unobtrusive, yet eye-catching. Atmospheric background music needs to be at once virtually invisible and pleasantly audible. AV Setup can accommodate all of your Commercial Audio and Video needs with state-of-the-art components that set your project apart, and provide an identity that is yours and yours alone. The same is true of Commercial Security / Surveillance and Automation systems. With ease of use as the operative, these systems need to be fail-safe, all-encompassing,  and to leave little to chance when it comes to protecting, controlling, and observing your facility. Reliability is our guide when AV Setup  designs and implements monitoring and automation systems that perform effortlessly in controlling entrance, lighting, heating and cooling, and infotainment sub-systems, protecting and controlling aspects of your facility in the uncomplicated fashion that allows you to focus on your business. AV Setup designs and installs impactful visual displays. Whether it’s multiple TVs throughout your facility, or perhaps a dramatic video wall to highlight your capabilities, our seasoned designers and technicians know what it takes to grab attention in a tasteful way. And above all, making it easy to use. With the finest TV and Projector manufacturers at our disposal, every imaginable application can be accommodated, using the most reliable and stunning displays available. Our Commercial Security and Surveillance systems can provide simplicity and peace of mind. Low-profile cameras can allow you to be everywhere at once, with the ability to monitor and record the activity of patrons and employees alike. Unobtrusive “eye-in-the-sky” systems that free you from worry, and present serious, all-encompassing coverage of entrances, exits, and those areas that are off-limits but to a chosen few. AV Setup protects all that is important to you. AV Setup’s Commercial Automation systems are multi-faceted. By controlling your facility’s lighting, areas can be featured and highlighted, pathways can be presented for safety, and dimming capabilities can add an ambiance to featured displays and work stations. These systems make timed on/off functionality second nature as well. The hidden benefit? Energy savings! Our systems have garnered 10% through 20% reductions in our client’s energy bills, virtually paying for themselves over time. Automating heating and cooling systems reveal savings as well, providing effortless comfort for staff and patrons alike.