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Custom Home Theater Installation

Av-Setup’s Custom Home Theater is the ultimate experience of a traditional movie theater in the comfort of your own home.  A Custom Home Theater gives you the freedom to watch the movies whenever you want, and offers more dynamic way than a traditional movie theater.  A Custom Home Theater system can be simple or complex, depending on one’s tastes and preferences.  Imagine it as simple as a flat panel TV mounted, LCD wall-mounted televisions with advanced quality sound system.  Or you can get a high-end home theater system with luxurious electric reclining cinema seats, the very best projectors, speakers, electronics and acoustic treatments.  In addition, you might acquire top of the line viewing screens which will give you razor sharp lifelike images.  Also, top name brand speakers which will produce the ear-splitting immersive surround sound (if you choose to have top-notch parties and your neighbors are away from home most of the time ?).  A Custom Home Theater in your home will provide an experience unmatched by your local movie theater in regards to comfort, luxury and overall budget.  So if you are looking for a custom-designed Home Theatre or a discrete hidden cinema system for your family room or lounge, our team can help transform your room into a perfect environment for watching films, playing games and watching TV according to your vision.  We will utilize our extensive expertise to bring your vision to life.

AV- setup Custom Home Theater installation overview:

Home theater room design:  Whether working alongside your architect, interior designer or builder, we provide the highest standard of interior, acoustic and ergonomic design, making the difference between an average home theater room and one which simply takes your breath away.  AV-Setup experts consider all the details: specific room dimensions, different wall constructions, lighting system control, best quality video display, particular interior design, home theater sound control and acoustics, integrated free standing and concealed components, ceiling speakers, speaker mounts, etc.  Whatever level of involvement you would like us to have in your Custom Theater room, experts at AV-Setup have a single goal in mind which is to deliver the best possible Custom Home Theater experience for your budget.  And we do deliver on our promise. Oversight of the installation:  AV- setup team assembles and selects all tools necessary for Home Theater room installation and design to insure the compatibility of all the components that will optimize performance even before delivering them to the location, thus securing the effectiveness and velocity to complete a particular project, saving energy, time, and money.  All the tools that we use are necessary for Home Theater room installation, design and optimized performance, including the in-wall and in-ceiling cable runs that maintain their signal strength without interfering with other lighting or electrical devices or sources. AV- setup engineers will program the touch screen or hand-held devices and controllers for a basic operation by anyone in the house.  AV- setup team will explain and teach the household members the use and function of Custom Home Theater for the best possible outcome with a continuous support.