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Media Room can be used as the main entertaining area.  The lights dim, the surround sound blasts from the invisible speakers as the story line appears on high definition plasma or LCD screen.  Commonly known as a Media Room, this home addition combines technology, architecture and interior design and serves multiple purposes.  You can browse the net, watch TV, play video games and listen to the music using your entertainment center to its maximum potential.  By choosing AV-Setup, a transformation of your old living room or any house spaces into a Media Room, or home theater room is made easy.  Our Automation and Integration experts can custom-design and install best video, audio, lighting and sound home automation products to suit any media room project and budget. Long ago it was believed that you had to live in a mansion to have a separate room for watching TV, listening to music, work on your computer, or enjoy any other audio visual kind of experience on a grand scale.  Today, however, as more and more people to get “plugged in” to everything around them, media room in your home or apartment makes perfect sense. If you really try to find a difference between a regular room and a media room in your house, you might find it somewhat difficult to do, as the difference is subtle.  So, a name for a project which will turn your living room into your media room can be “Family Room Meets Technology”.  So, it will not be such a big difference and overwhelming change to go through but it will be called your Media Room  Very sophisticated. You need to design your Media Room with technology in mind.  It means you have to consider what kind of furniture you will get.  Also, what kind of lighting you will need.  And what kind of wall covering should be in place for the best auditory experience. Before the AV-Setup team even comes to your home to work on your media room, you should design the designated room around the kind of media equipment you will want to install.  And also, leave room for future upgrades, should you decide to get a new TV some time in the future, you should pick furniture to reflect that purchase.  Your old TV, for example is on a TV stand, but if you plan on buying a 62” TV in the near future, which you will want to hang on the wall, than you have to leave wall space available for this addition to your media room. The design of your media room should be functional, like placing your TVs for comfortable viewing without distracting the overall aesthetic appeal of the room.  You should paint your media room in best color to ensure pleasant relaxation and for most comfortable screen viewing.  Dark colors will absorb light, like chocolate brown or charcoal grey, and make your room look classy.  It is recommended that you use flat finish paint and not glossy, shiny type like high gloss or semi-gloss finish. Don’t go with the bold dark colors like red, green or blue, because these particular colors will actually reflect tinted light back to the TV screen and distort the color of the picture. Of course, you have to install good lighting fixtures to ensure enough light when viewing a movie, but not too bright to distract from the screen.  You can trust AV-Setup to help you bring your design to life.  Speak to our experts at our free consultation visits.