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Av-setup ensures peace of mind for their clients by offering a range of services and solutions to enhance home or business security.  CCTV cameras and other equipment can be used to monitor offices, warehouses, inventory rooms, cashiers in stores, ATMs, daycare centers and many more.  Parking lots will benefit from CCTV cameras to prevent theft and vandalism as well.  AV-Setup offers a myriad of solutions to fit your safety needs. Life is unpredictable and there are a lot of possibilities for people or property to be attacked or violated.  It can happen at any time, day or night, rain or shine.  This creates a lot of stress for people who have something or someone to loose.  To alleviate this stress one has to just be prepared for any adverse event. As a solution, people choose installing security systems in their homes or places or business.  By preparation, AV-Setup consultants do not urge you to just accept the grim reality of life and live with it.  We urge you to accept the reality and prepare for it.  By ensuring that your home is monitored at all times, you acquire a piece of mind.  Knowing that your children will be safe in the house when you not there, provided these children are of proper age to be left alone in the house, your alarm systems will alert and notify you and the police of the intrusion right away and appropriate safety measures will be taken immediately. If there is uncertainty – one can avoid being put in danger by taking the necessary steps.  These are estimating the danger and preparing for it adequately for the minimum amount of delay in solution.  There are various security automation systems meant for both homes and offices.  If you cannot afford to lose your priced possessions or people that you love, then investing in security systems is the only reasonable choice. For residential settings one can browse the market for the available gadgets and equipment related to security and surveillance NY area.  AV-Setup offers CCTV cameras, hidden cameras, mini bullet security cameras, dome security cameras, security alarms, auto-locks, sensors and detectors and much more.  These devices can monitor and protect your property and your loved ones from intruders and danger, theft and vandalism.  Prices vary according to the quality and the number of cameras and equipment needed, but whatever it is – the security and safety of your family is worth the investment. Our security and surveillance expert will consult with you on the best possible security solution to your situation and space.  For most people installing security cameras or any other surveillance equipment in their home or business is an unknown territory.  That is why you can trust the security and surveillance NY installation experts.  No job is too big or too small for AV-Setup company.  We will install one of your front door cameras or wire up the whole house with surveillance and alarm equipment.  And we will ensure their flawless functioning.  We will also provide troubleshooting and back up support after the installation as well.  There is a guarantee of one year of our services after the installation date. Trust AV-Setup to keep your valuables and your loved ones safe.  Call 646-736-0855 and talk to our security and surveillance NY installation experts for any and all of your safety and security needs.