Lighting Controls


Controlling and monitoring your lighting has never been easier! And AV-SETUP is an expert on that! Lighting Control System is a very important and essential part of any home. Besides convenience of simplified control it is also allows for saving money on your electrical bill. We create and install a Lighting Control System that is a perfect match for your needs! An Integrated Lighting Control System along with motorized curtains and blinds allows you to personalize your surroundings instead of merely turning on or off. Lights can work together in any combination, in preset sequences and on prearranged schedules. Once a circuit is on a Lighting Control System, the programming permutations can be endless. Imagine when you arrive home and with a single button press your entire path (from driveway to bedroom) all lit up, you can even have a remote control located in your car to turn on and off selected lights. Or you are relaxing on your couch and your lights dimmed with the movie starting and light back up as it ends without any extra effort. Basic timed Lighting Controls even act as a security feature by creating “lived in” like activity while you’re away on vacation or can be programmed to be triggered automatically, e.g.: at dusk, and then programmed to dim down after a certain time, and switch off at a certain time.  

Commercial Lighting Control systems

AV-SETUP offers a range of Commercial Lighting Control Systems that can be used to create scalable solutions from small to large commercial applications. A growing awareness of intelligent Lighting Systems makes a significant contribution to energy saving, thus contribute towards the environment and help reduce cost of ownership. Large environments such as MDU or office building especially benefit from integrating Lighting Controls in dedication to a global green initiative, scoring LEED points and attracting environmentally conscious tenants. Offices with many different departments, educational Institutions, health care facilities value the advantage Lighting Control provides in the ability to create daylight patterns that can be programmed to contribute towards health and needs for ambient light levels, energy saving and comfort.    

Architectural Lighting & Control Systems

AV-SETUP specializes in Architectural Lighting Control and Dimming Systems. Buildings and spaces can enhance their appearance by using Architectural Lighting Control systems. Architectural Lighting Control Systems use soft start to prolong lamp life. It can be extended further by reducing light output from the lamp which is extending the period between expensive re-lamping of luminaires. Using dimming systems as well also contributes towards the overall energy consumption and the cost of ownership. AV-SETUP provides Digital Lighting Control Systems which allows a complete flexibility in programming and grouping of fixtures, setting scenes and fading between scenes. And at last Architectural Lighting Control Systems enhance the surroundings and the mood of the people within its environment by programmed, time sequenced light patterns.   Lighting Controls from AV-Setup AV-Setup understands that lighting controls play a critical role in electric lighting systems, completing the task of turning the lights on and off utilizing a switch; and regulating light production using a dimmer.  Automation and integration incorporates lighting controls into your home automation setup. In recent years, progress in technology has allowed to automate these functions and made integration of technical equipment into larger, more flexible systems, possible.  As a result, a lot of energy is being saved, and different kinds of equipment responsible for various functions is interrelated and interoperated, even if it is made by different manufacturers. So what it means for lighting control purposes is that we can understand lighting control system as a piece of equipment that gathers various information, makes a decision on what to do about it, and then supplies the necessary amount of light to accommodate any specific situation.  In other words, we can look at lighting control devices based on inputs and outputs. Occupancy Sensor, for example, detects presence or absence or people and upon detection or lack thereof turns lights on or shuts them off. The main purpose of lighting controller is to providing the right amount of light where it is needed and when it is needed.  In other words, the controller eliminates waste of energy, and in the interim, produces appropriate visual surroundings.  Dimmers, for example, offer the greatest amount of flexibility in light level adjustment either through dimming or through bi- or multi-level switching. The process of lighting control necessitates figuring out the control zones, which is a light fixture or group of fixtures controlled at the same time as a single unit by a particular regulator.  Usually, we take into consideration what areas and for which purposes need to be lighted, how bright or dim, when, types of tasks to be lighted, and which equipment will project the light output.  The lighting controller can provide lighting to specific areas or a whole inhabitable space.  For example, when the person walks into the house, the whole house will not get lit up, only the room where the person is standing or moving.  As he moves out of it, the lights will go off and the next space where he will move to will light up. If you know when exactly the people will be in the building, like a school, for example, a time-based technique will work best.  A switching system can be programmed to a specific schedule to automatically shut the lights off or on by an entire floor or different rooms. If the occupancy is not predictable, another strategy could be put in motion like occupancy sensors.  They will turn lights on and off only when a person is present.  This is a fantastically great energy saving tool.  Electricity bills can be reduced by 50% according to statistics.  Also, the lighting controls can reduce the amount of power drawn by the lighting system during operation, and also reduce the number of operating hours, which will also mean decreased utility energy charges.  In addition, you can program your system to turn the lights off during the peak demand periods when demand prices are highest. The applications for the lighting control are numerous.  From mood settings in restaurants to increased employee satisfaction just because they can control their own lighting in the office, to enhanced aesthetics and image of a store floor space, creating greater space marketability, and pollution prevention. Whatever your needs for lighting control are, AV-Setup will accommodate them all.