Home Theater Installation NYC

  • Conduct a pre-installation site survey upon arrival at you home
  • Unpack your new Home Theater Receiver
  • Connect wires to DVD / Blu-Ray, Satellite or Cable Box, and Game Console (4 devices)
  • Connect existing speaker wire to Receiver
  • Ensure all wires and cables are neatly dressed
  • Calibrate sound for best performance, if speakers present
  • Program basic functions on the cable remote control
  • Clean up work area and remove installation debris
  • Customer education
Does not Include:
  • Mounting of LCD, LED or Plasma TV on the wall
  • Connect any new speakers
  • Speaker wire run and concealment
  • Speaker Wire Connection Clips
  • Advanced Remote Programming
Approximate Time: 1.5 Hrs Sale Price: $149-$499

Home Theater Receiver Setup Only from AV-Setup Inc.

Home Theater installation of a Receiver setup comprises of the following components: survey, unpack, connect, program, educate and clean up.  In other words, AV Setup Inc. will send their expert installation technicians to your home or place of business to put a receiver for your home theater in place. For that, an initial survey of the space is necessary.  The technicians will need to analyze your space or preferred setup location and see if all is in order for them to proceed.  Upon completion of the survey of the room they will then go on to unpacking your new home theater receiver.  They will take it out of the box and handle it with utmost care.  Furthermore, they will connect the wires to any equipment of your choice, be it the DVD, Blu-Ray, Cable Box, or a game console. Next step will be connecting existing speaker wire to the receiver.  All this will be done skillfully and expertly to avoid any damage to your setup area.  Of course, all the wires and cables will be neatly dressed in order not to spoil the neat and organized look of the space. After this, the technicians will calibrate sound for best performance, if speakers present at the time of the Home Theater Receiver setup.  They will also program the basic functions on the cable remote control. In an orderly fashion, our technicians will tidy up the work area and sweep up all of the fragments and leftovers from the installation.  We at AV Setup Inc. believe that one should leave a place in a better state than he finds it.  To that effect, we always clean up thoroughly after our installations are completed. The final step of the Home Theater installation NYC of a Receiver setup process is making sure that you, the customer, understand how to use your equipment.  Our technicians will show and tell you everything about it and answer all of your questions which may arise in the process of setting up the receiver. Please note that the aforementioned service does not include mounting of LCD, LED or Plasma TV on the wall.  Nor does it include connecting new speakers.  Also, speaker wire run and concealment is a totally different service.  Same as speaker wire connection clips – not included.  We also do not perform any advanced remote programming under this service. The Home Theater installation of a Receiver setup will take approximately one and a half hours of your time, not more, and the cost of this service ranges from $99 to $149, depending on what exactly is involved in the set up.