Projection Screen Installation NY

Projection Screen Installation NY
  • Conduct a site survey to explain installation to the client
  • Unpack and assemble your new projection screen
  • Install projection screen on the wall
  • Clean up work area and remove installation debris
Does Not Include:
  • Projector Installation
  • Installation and concealment of any audio, video cables
  • Audio Video Receiver connection
  • Speaker installation
  • Electrical Outlet Installation
Approximate Time: 2 -3 Hrs Sale Price: $149

Projection Screen Installation from AV-Setup

AV-Setup is a team of qualified experts ready to assist you in your audio and visual equipment installation needs.  We perform a wide range of Projector Installation.  These include pull down projector screens, electric projector screens, permanent wall screens, rear projection screens and others.  Electric screens are the perfect choice for applications which require an electric screen but where a recessed installation is not desired or feasible. After you call us for more information at 646-736-0855 and we get the gist of what is expected of us in terms of your projector installation needs, we will then schedule an appointment for our expert technicians to come in to your home or a place of business to perform the screen installation. What the screen installation entails is conducting a site survey to examine all aspects of the job, such as screen location in relationship to the projector, the type of wall the screen should be mounted on, etc.  Our technicians will then unpack and assemble your new projection screen.  It will be affixed securely to the wall or a ceiling, using universal spring-loaded brackets attached to rear of screen case.  Whether you would like the screen to be installed on the wall or a ceiling is solely depended on your preference, and can be easily accommodated by our experienced technicians.  They will then check to see that it is properly positioned and you are satisfied with the way it looks. After the projection screen installation our technicians will dirty up the work area and remove any installation debris so you don’t have to worry about taking care of the garbage disposal. This service will run for about 2 to r hours and the cost of the projection screen installation is $99. Please note that the projector installation is not included in this service.  Also, under this particular offer, speaker installation and electrical outlet installations are not included.  We also do not connect the audio video receiver and we do not install or conceal any audio and video cables. Call us for more information at 646-736-0855 and we will gladly install any screen of your choice for your viewing necessity be it for the classroom, the boardroom or simply, for your home theater. We look forward to earning your business and trust that your Projection Screen installation from AV-Setup will be an exceptionally great experience.