Two Outdoor Speaker Installation NY

  • Conduct a pre-installation site survey upon arrival at you home
  • Includes standard speaker wire
  • Unpack your new outdoor speakers
  • Assemble includes speaker mounts
  • Install speakers on-wall
  • Conceal speaker wire to the best practice in given environment
  • Connect speaker wire to speaker
  • Wall spackling if necessary (sanding and painting are not provided)
  • Clean up work area and remove installation debris
Does not Include:
  • Hanging of LCD, LED or Plasma TV on the wall
  • Audio Video Receiver connection
  • Speakers or mounting brackets
  • Wire conduits
Approximate Time: 1-3 Hrs Sale Price: $199-$349

Two Outdoor Speaker Installation from AV-Setup Inc.

Outdoor speakers are needed for various reasons by homes and companies alike.  If you have a large backyard with a big pool where you like to throw parties in the summer, then outdoor speakers are a must.  Turning on your stereo with fun party music will be great if this music is heard by the pool where your guests are having a great time. If it is a school or any business facility where you need to reach the people on the outside of it by a loud speaker, then installing the outdoor speakers is of paramount importance as well. AV-Setup, which is an expert in home theater installation, will send their team to your home to install your outdoor speakers.  What we do when we come to install the outdoor speakers is we survey the site first to see where you prefer them to be situated and on what surface, be it a brick wall or wooden frame, etc.  We will then address all your concerns and suggest the best possible location for the speakers to function at their strongest level.  After all, for the best acoustical quality the location is very important. We will bring a standard speaker wire for your brand new speakers, which we will unpack carefully and proceed with the installation.  Please note that the speaker assemble requires speaker mounts which should be provided by you, the client.  So we will install the speakers on the wall of your choice and conceal the speaker wire to the best of our ability and judgment to preserve the neat look of the wall.  Then we will connect the speaker wire to the speakers and patch up any deformities produced during the drilling and other processes of the installation.  Wall spackling will be provided if necessary, but not the sanding or painting. Upon completion of the two outdoor speaker installation NY, we will clean up the work area and throw away any garbage which was created during this service.  As a home theater installation company, hanging of the outdoor speakers is a frequent type of service, so our technicians are used to all kinds of stone types and settings, which makes them comfortable tidying up after themselves, knowing in advance what is involved in these types of installations. Please note that there are some things which are NOT included in the Two Outdoor Speaker installation NY service.  These are hanging of LCD, LED or Plasma TV on the wall.  This is a different service altogether.  Also we would not connect Audio Video Receiver and speakers themselves and mounting brackets for them are not included in the price.  You can inquire about our stock of them and we will provide you with wide range of choices, but know that these products are charged for separately and in addition to the cost of the installation service for two outdoor speakers.  Also wire conduits are not included in this service. We will expertly install your outdoor speakers within one to three hours.  The cost of this service ranges from $159 to $219.  And we at AV-SETUP, the home theater installation company, guarantee excellent service and courteous staff.  Enjoy the music outdoors!