These days it is difficult to watch TV or VCR without a remote control (RC). Stereos, audio player, air conditioners, fans and even the light switches are equipped with Universal Remote Programming. Remote control not only allows you to enable or disable the equipment without getting up from chairs, but also allows you to use all the features of this device are not available for control from the front panel. However,a growing number of device features is reflected in the complexity of the RC. Increases the number of buttons on the remote and the number itself RC increases with each newly found in the home appliance. A variety of remote configuration only complicates the management of home audio-video systems. Usability implies ease of management techniques. So AV-SETUP is to the rescue when it comes to operating all of your devices with one Universal Remote Control. All of your audio, video and electronics are tied in to one programmable and easy to use Universal Remote. Our experts at AV-SETUP will program the Universal Remote and educate you about the use and management so you can become the master of all the electronic, audio and video operations.  The Universal Remote will become your best gadget-friend, guaranteed.