Home Theater Installation New York

  • Conduct a pre-installation site survey upon arrival at you home
  • Includes standard speaker wire
  • Unpack your new speakers
  • Install speakers on-wall
  • Conceal speaker wire to the best practice in given environment
  • Connect speaker wire to speaker
  • Wall spackling if necessary (sanding and painting are not provided)
  • Clean up work area and remove installation debris
Does not Include:
  • Hanging of LCD, LED or Plasma TV on the wall
  • Audio Video Receiver connection
  • Speakers or mounting brackets
Approximate Time: 1.5 Hrs Sale Price: $199

Two Speaker Installation from AV-Setup Inc.

As a part of a home theater installation service at AV-Setup, installing just two speakers in your home or a place of business is not a problem at all.  It seems like a small job, but as all installations it takes some time and expert handling.  When our installers will come for an appointment at the previously scheduled time, they will ask you where you would like your speakers to be installed within your house. The price for the two speakers installation includes a standard speaker wire, which the technicians will bring with them.  So, after the initial survey of your space where the speakers are to be installed, our technicians will carefully unpack your brand new speakers and mount it on the wall or wherever you choose to, be it a kitchen, bathroom, living room, children’s room or a guest room. Regardless of the room in which our technicians will install the speakers, they will conceal speaker wire to the best practice in given environment to preserve the decor and harmony of the room’s appearance.  They will then connect speaker wire to speakers and make sure it functions flawlessly. Our specialists have been doing home theater installation and its various components for a long time, so they know to come prepared to do some light wall spackling if necessary (sanding and painting are not provided).  They will patch up all the holes or any scratches if they happen, so don’t worry about a ragged wall next to your beautiful speakers.  This will not happen under AV-Setup team’s watch. Furthermore, our workers will clean up the work area and get rid of any garbage which was created during the installation process. As much as we would love to accommodate our customers and fulfill all of their wishes, please don’t mix the home theater installation, which is a separate service, with a Two Speaker installation.  As a result, we cannot do the following: the service of two speaker installation does not include hanging of the TV on the wall.  Also, audio video receiver connection cannot be performed.  In addition, we do not provide speakers and mounting brackets.  You will have to have them in place before we come in to do the two speaker installation.  Unless you would like to purchase them from us at an additional price.  We carry a wide range of speakers and wall mounts for you to choose from. The whole process of installing two speakers into your home takes about an hour and a half and costs $159.