Video Walls Installation NYC

 Video Walls Installation

Video Walls are a unique animal, but AV Setup has tamed it! Our talent at Video Wall Installation has allowed some of the finest and most exciting facilities in NYC to set themselves head and shoulders apart from the competition. They are often the centerpiece of a tradeshow floor. They are found in boardrooms and war rooms and broadcast control centers, here in New York and around the world. They  stop traffic and breathe new life into retail and restaurant environments. Video walls essentially fuse a series of video displays into a large, self-contained visual experience. The realistic simulation and impact of video walls add to their effectiveness by immersing patrons and guests in their environments. And as they are now experiencing greater and wider use in various industries, AV Setup has simplified your ability to implement this technology in your space. Advancements in such areas as video-display resolution and the proliferation of large-format displays, have enhanced the effectiveness of video walls, and are expanding the scope of experiences offered by AV Setup. One of the key benefits of video walls is their capacity to regularly refresh the display media. Content can be continuously updated, offering cutting-edge effects that exploit such new technologies as HDTV and video streaming, and help attract customers and other key audiences. AV Setup has seen an increased use of video walls in commercial buildings, driven by architects’ desire to give buildings a more human face, creating, in effect, a “live surface.” We believe that video walls can be highly effective communications vehicles if they are properly designed and present a positive experience. They have the ability to tell stories, provide information and create imagery that evokes emotions.Another advantage AV Setup incorporates into our video wall applications is that they can be managed remotely, without the need for onsite personnel involvement. As a result, they are more flexible, cost-effective, and as easy to use as the TV you have at home!