Motorized Projection Screen Installation NYC

  • Conduct a site survey to explain installation to the client
  • Unpack and assemble your new motorized projection screen
  • Install projection screen on the wall or ceiling
  • Connect RF, IR or 12v trigger remote control
  • Clean up work area and remove installation debris
  • Customer education
Does Not Include:
  • Projector Installation
  • Installation and concealment of any audio, video cables
  • Audio Video Receiver connection
  • Speaker installation
  • Electrical Outlet Installation
Approximate Time: 2 -3 Hrs Sale Price: $199-$249

Motorized Projection Screen Installation from AV-Setup

When it comes to a motorized projection screen installation, AV-Setup is exceptionally prepared for the task.  The installation is done in your home or a place of business and is tailored to your specific needs.  These could be meeting and conference rooms, executive facilities, training centers and entertainment centers. Why choose to have a motorized projection screen installation?  A motorized screen gives your room maximum flexibility.  The screen may be chosen to blend with its surroundings, or be recessed in the ceiling to completely disappear when not in use. The screen’s controls may be integrated with the master control for the home theatre, or even with whole-house automation. There is a variety of Electric Screens to choose from.  They can be used in any environment for any purpose.  Some are designed for outdoor on your patio, by your pool deck, or just about anywhere else you can think of.  Ceiling –recessed electric projection screens, where independently motorized aluminum ceiling closure disappears into white case when screen is lowered, are also expertly done by the AV-Setup team.  These kinds of projection screen installations are done for home theatre purposes as well. What does a motorized Projection Screen Installation entail?  Well, after you contact AV-Setup by phone or via internet, we will get the information from you about your installation request.  What kind of screen you want installed, whether it is wall-mounted or ceiling mounted, whether these surfaces brick or wood in its composition and variety of other questions.  After this initial conversation, we will set up an appointment for our technicians to come in to do the physical motorized projection screen installation. They will arrive at the previously scheduled time and will conduct a site survey and explain the installation process to you, the client.  After that they will carefully unpack and assemble your new motorized projection screen.  The technicians will proceeded to install the projection screen on the wall or a ceiling according to your wishes and preferences.  Then they will connect FR, IR or 12v trigger remote control, which will manipulate your motorized screen. Upon completing of this task they will teach you how to use the remote control with you newly installed motorized projection screen and make sure everything functions properly. AV-Setup technicians will then clean up the work space, freeing it of any garbage and installation debris which was created during the installation. The whole installation process usually takes two to three hours.  The cost of motorized projection screen installation ranges from $199 to $249 depending on the specifics of the job involved. Please note that this service does not include the projector installation and installation/concealment of any audio or video cables.  We do not perform audio video receiver connection.  Also not included are speaker installation and electrical outlet installation.