Sound Bar Installation NY NJ

  • Conduct a site survey to explain Installation process to the client
  • Unpack Your Sound Bar Connect wires to TV or Receiver
  • Locate studs, mount, and secure your Sound Bar  on a wall
  • Conceal all cables from the  Sound Bar  inside the wall
  • Clean up work area and remove installation debris
  • Customer education
  • Audio connection
Does Not Include:
  • Speaker installation
  • Electrical outlet installation
Approximate Time: 0.5 – 1 Hr

Sound Bar Installation for AV-Setup Inc.

  Ease your mind and let AV Setup inc. take care of your sound bar installation NY.  Our technicians will visit your home at the pre-scheduled time, which will be convenient for you, and will conduct a site survey first to ask you for your location preferences.  Whether you want the Sound Bar mounted to the wall or situated right under the TV on the floor will depend entirely upon your inclinations.   The TV Installation company AV-Setup, offers a variety of services, one of them being a Sound Bar Installation NY.  So when our technicians come in for an appointment, you will be asked to voice your wishes about the location of the sound bar.  The technicians then will explain the installation process to you.  Following this conversation, the technicians will unpack your sound bar, exercising excellent care when handling your equipment and connect the wires to TV or Receiver, whichever one fits the situation best.  They will then locate studs and mount and secure your Sound Bar on a wall if this is the venue you choose for your installation.   The technicians will conceal all cables from the Sound Bar inside the wall to preserve the aesthetic beauty of the room.  This will ensure the neatness and the cleanliness of the general look of the space and make it hazard free.  We pride in our work ethics, and cleanliness is one of the most important factors in our service.  Upon completion of the installation, our tidy technicians will clean up the work area by removing installation debris and leaving the space as clean as they found it.  AV-Setup is the type of TV installation company which is adamant about service to the best of their ability.   Don’t worry; they will not leave your house before they thoroughly explain to you how to use your equipment with regards to your remote control and TV.  Our technicians will make sure everything is functioning well, and that all audio equipment is connected properly.  And only then they will part with you, the client.   The Sound Bar installation NY process is almost as long as the TV Installation process, and will not take too much of your time.  Usually it runs from a half an hour to an hour.   We would like to mention that speaker installation and electrical outlet installation is not included in this service.  Please get in touch with your electrician for the outlet installation.  In addition, the speaker installation is an entirely different service.