Multi-Room Audio

 Multi-Room Audio (Restaurants, Stores)

Nothing creates ambiance in New York’s finest restaurants and retail stores like beautiful music. And no company provides the expertise of multi-room audio and speaker installation quite like AV Setup. Careful placement of low-profile, often virtually invisible speakers disperses your favorite audio programming throughout your facility for crystal clear, never overwhelming, pleasing sound. Our use of easy to command control systems, ample power components, and your preference of disc or Mp3 players, satellite radio, or handheld devices (iPhones, iPads, etc.), provides for a flexible, expandable music system that resides within the reach of authorized personnel, leaving patrons with little to do but enjoy the music. AV Setup, with our many manufacturer/partners, is uniquely qualified to provide the most custom-oriented Commercial Audio systems available. We specify  speakers of every shape, size, and capability to accommodate their seamless integration with your decor. Flush mounting is only the beginning, as we’ve installed speakers disguised as overhead lights, planters, paintings, and decorative stonework. And for crystal sound, literally without visibility of any speakers, we’ve developed loudspeakers that reside within walls, and transducers that can make any surface play your favorite music. Allow AV Setup to design a system with your requirements in mind. Decorative keypads, placed in strategic locations, can allow for varying volume levels in different areas. Also consider the ability to create different moods in different departments, or interior and exterior rooms. The impact of Jazz on the Dining Veranda, Easy Listening in Dressing Rooms, or perhaps Hip Hop in the Misses Department. The level of enjoyment and variation is limited only by your imagination. Let AV Setup’s expertise and experience reveal what’s possible for your restaurant or retail audio system.