Home Automation NY

Automation and Integration from AV-Setup

Control your various automated systems at home or business with the touch of a button.  AV-SETUP employs the latest technologies in automation that can be found on the market today.  Commercial or residential, we will design, plan and integrate your automated systems to fit your needs and preferences.  From large conference rooms to Custom Home Theaters, with a help of a single control device, a client can operate all existing technological systems: streaming audio and video feeds, lighting controls, temperature, shade controls and security monitoring devices.  Even away from home, it’s easy to check on your domicile as long as you have an internet access to log into your secure home site.
AV-Setup automation and integration experts can make life easy by centralizing your household technology and equipment, giving you a complete control via one portal and one input device.  It’s no longer a thing of a future, but it is of comfort.  To be able to adjust the temperature in any room from where ever you are in the house or outside of it, turn on your favorite music, watch a movie, monitor a security camera, or turn lights using a single wired or wireless touchscreen is a dream come true for most people with busy lives.
Contrary to a popular belief, home automationNY system is not a novelty.  The 70’s were the times when homes started acquiring home automation aspects, but it was not as widespread as it is today.  Part of a reason is because the technology was not that advanced then.  Many things were not possible that are possible today.  And very importantly, it is not just the wealthy people who can afford it in the modern world.  Home automation NY is accessible to most people today even with modest income.  Depending on the scope of work, one can enjoy simplifying their life even if it is just lighting control.  Or Audio-Visual systems control.  So if you are interested in automation of controlling your heating systems, security systems, smoke detectors, televisions, radios and other similar technologies, you can definitely call AV-Setup at 646-736-0855 and our knowledgeable representatives will explain to you what your options are and how it would be possible to breathe life into your ideas.
Home automation NY can simplify your life and bring comfort and peace of mind to your day to day routines.  When you wake up in the morning, you can have hot coffee because your coffee maker has been pre-set to turn on at 7:30am – right after your morning shower and dressing routine.  Peace of mind will be good to have when you are on vacation and you need your home to look like you are living in it every day to ward off burglars.  For the same reason you can install alarms and surveillance systems which you can control and monitor from a distance.
Please rest assured that AV-Setup can design a home automation and integration system which will reflect your wishes and desires.  Only what you feel you need will be discussed, and the best possible solutions offered.  Your pool needs to be heated up before you get home from work?  No problem!  Your lights in the kids’ room need to be shut off at 9pm for strict discipline purposes?  Again, easily accomplished.
We are here to help you make your household more efficient and pleasant to live in.  Trust Av-Setup to do the job right.