Home Theater Installation NY

home theater new york Upgrade your home with The Custom Home Theater Installation. Home Theater service includes the installation of television and video equipment designed to imitate the experience of being in an authentic commercial movie theater. The best way to watch a movie was always at the movie theater.  However, these days, an option of reproducing the same movie-watching experience in your home has become available through the progress of technology.  Simply watching TV at home does not compare to the movie theater’s huge screens and surround sound systems.  The size of the TVs are too small and the quality of sound pales in comparison to the surround sound equipment.  Also, not all of the movie picture format fits into a television screen – a substantial part of scenery may be cut off.  However, when you watch a movie in your home theater you are more immersed in the experience of a movie then when your ordinary television set is capable of. That is why more and more people are converting their ordinary rooms where they watch TV, like living rooms and guest rooms, into home theater rooms.  Not long ago home theater meant installing a projector and screen to watch a movie and it was very costly to implement.  Most people could not afford it.  With the advent of technological advances, acquiring a homemade movie theater has become more and more accessible.  AV-Setup caters to each inpidual’s vision of their perfect movie experience and budget.  It is all possible with a little help from the professionals. AV-Setup experts know that the biggest difference between a regular TV watching experience and the home theater experience is the sound distribution and perception.  Instead of straining to hear the dialogue from one specific location point of the room which emanates from a TV set, you are now surrounded by auditory phenomenon and are able to relax and still hear the content much more easily because you have speakers in the front, in the back, and on the sides (ideally).  This would be a 7.1 Surround Sound home theater system.  One would appreciate such a system when watching the movie like Avatar or Star Wars.  This kind of system allows the viewer to hear different parts of the soundtrack coming from different parts of the room.  For example, when someone on the right of the screen says something, you will hear it from the right speaker.  Similarly, when the spaceship flies by, you will hear the swooshing rumbling sound travel from the front of the theater to the back, totally submerging you into the scene on the screen. Following the sound difference, is the difference in size of the movie screen.  Movie theater screen is of such a size that it takes up most of your field of view, making it easy for you to be totally present and aware of all that goes on on the screen.  The size of the details makes it easy for you to see everything so well, that absolutely nothing escapes you and you get totally engrossed in the seeing, hearing and experiencing the whole story. To create the home theater, at the very least you will need the following:  a large-screen TV (Plasma or LCD), which is at least 27 inches across measured diagonally with a clear picture.  Four speakers at the bare minimum.  The equipment for splitting up the surround-sound signal and sending it to speakers and something that plays or broadcasts movies in surround sound, preferably with a clear picture.  And, of course, you will need a designated room where you will arrange all these things. AV-Setup will help you turn your ordinary living room into a full-fledged Home Theater and you WILL enjoy the experience.  Trust the professionals to do a great job for you.  Call 646-736-0855 today.