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Lighting and Blinds from AV-Setup.

Lighting and Blinds go together when considering home automation systems.  With the blinds control system you can control your house’s lighting needs pulling up or down your window shades at sunrise or sundown without any outside help.  And the lighting control lets you to select your lighting lifestyle to match your household’s particular needs.  With the help of the home automation system you can program your interior or exterior lights to go on or off whenever you need according to your requirements and schedule.
Motorized blinds, for example can be controlled from anywhere in the house.  Once a novelty, they have become essential for a household of any size.  If you have large areas to cover, motorized blinds will be an answer to a few of you potential problems and serve as a solution to a wide range of practical matters.  Motorized blinds are stylish and convenient and operate instantly to modify lighting.  If you are watching TV and suddenly the sun comes up and produces a very strong ray of sunlight, you can immediately close the blinds without even getting up from your sofa.
There are also exterior motorized blinds, which are great for patio use in different weather conditions, which will protect your gatherings from sudden onset of rain.  The party on a patio can continue undisturbed when you can press a button from your kitchen and have your friends and relatives secured and protected from the rain, not to mention their plates full of delicious food which you spend hours preparing, and tables with dishes and grills with shish-kebabs.  You will be hailed as the smartest host or hostess of all time and people will remember your party long after it is over.  And that all because you thought of installing exterior motorized blinds, and had the good sense to automate your home systems where you turned them on instantly right from your kitchen, not leaving your Thanksgiving Turkey to burn!
The demand for lighting control systems and products is pretty high because of its general benefits.  By utilizing lighting control system you will use less energy to maintain your home, which will mean lower electric bills.  As a conscientious energy consumer, you will also be very friendly to the environment by conserving energy.
AV-Setup offers unifying the manipulation of different lighting control devices, like dimmers, sensors, and time-based switches or various kinds.  These can be integrated into one control system, be it computer, an IPhone, or any other hand-held device.  We can program your control to be adapted to both indoor and outdoor lighting, with settings ranging from industrial lighting, residential light or warehouse lighting.
Call AV-Setup today to find out what your Lighting and Blinds Control options are.  Don’t think they will be costly or that you have a setup in mind which we can’t handle.  We have extensive experience in automation and integration of lighting and blinds, and we can offer our expertise to fulfill the design of your home for your convenience and comfort.  Be certain that we will do the job right.